Journal for Czech Aerospace Research,

Development and Innovations


Table of contents

  • Identification of the gas generator
    Jozef Zakucia, VZLU, Prague
  • Inhibition of mild steel corrosion in pickling acid evaluated by weight loss and potentiodynamic measurements
    Markéta Bláhová / Linda Diblíková / Vít Jeníček, VZLU, Prague
  • Identification of modal shape for SAFE-diagram of the compressor impeller with two kind of blades
    Tomáš Jamróz / Tomáš Horáček, VZLU, Prague
  • Recalculation of experimental modal parameters and determination of control surfaces inertia parameters for subsequent flutter analyses using experimental data
    Václav Hlavatý, VZLU, Prague
  • Dividable slider reefing method for circular parachute used in ballistic recovery system for small aircraft
    Oldřich Šorf, VUT Brno
  • An Optimization of Stiffness and Weight of Trailing-Edge Flap Guiding Mechanism for Light Sport Aircraft
    Jiří Brabec / Luboš Janko / Robert Theiner, CTU Prague
  • Fatigue life evaluation of a flat panel under variable amplitude loading and dependency of predicted life on parameters of material model
    Jakub Šedek / Jan Raška / Jiří Běhal, VZLU Prague
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