Journal for Czech Aerospace Research,

Development and Innovations


Table of contents

  • Flexible aircraft lateral control law of low order
    Tomáš Haniš, Martin Hromčík / Czech Technical University
  • Wind - tunnel measurement of unsteady aerodynamic characteristics
    Pavel Hospodář, VZLU & Czech Technical University / Jan Pleskač, VZLU
  • Analysis of dynamic properties of high speed gearbox
    Tomáš Hubáček / První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš
  • Development of the Small Turboprop Engine TP100
    Zdeněk Katolický, Ivan Brunovský, Čestmír Havránek / První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš
  • Research and optimizing of pre-swirl in radial- axial inlet with regard to design parameter attaining and mutual cooperation with first stages of the axial flow compressor of small turbine engine
    Vojtěch Horký, Pavel Hečl, Jaromír Nevečeřal, RomanVeselka / GE Aviation Czech
  • Automatic mesh generation around multielement airfoils
    Martin Lahuta / VZLU
  • A Reliability (Dependability) Analyses of operation and testing Data of the Airplanes
    Novák Josef / Premium Aerotec GmbH
  • Mathematical model of turboprop engine in simulink
    Peter Pástor / UNIS
  • The combat aircraft airframe vulnerability assessment by means of fuzzy logic
    Miloslav Petrásek, Václav Tříska / University of Defence
  • Fatigue testing of composite structures and monitoring of acoustic emissions
    Jaroslav Juračka, Martin Weis / University of Technology
  • Abstracts in Czech

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