Journal for Czech Aerospace Research,

Development and Innovations


Table of contents

  • Comparative experiments for corrosion simulation software testing
    Vít Jeníček, Linda Diblíková, Martina Pazderová, VZLU
  • Open-Hole Strength And Fracture Of A Carbon Fabric-Reinforced Epoxy Composite Tested In Hot/Wet Conditions.
    Martin Kadlec, VZLU
  • Properties of alternative motors in aviation
    Mirvat Kaddour, VUT Brno
  • Mathematical Modeling Of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Jet Discharge
    O. Solovyov, S. Eryomenko, N. Nechyporuk, V. Chmovzh, State enterprise the ministry of defence of ukraine chuguev aircraft repair plant
  • Damage Tolerance analysis of complex aircraft structure
    Radek Doubrava, VZLU


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